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Choosing a licensed irrigation company in Hazel Dell offers numerous advantages. A professional company not only completes the job swiftly but also adheres to high industry standards. With the right tools, experience, and manpower, they ensure the job is done quickly while maintaining high quality. This lets you enjoy a well-maintained landscape effortlessly throughout the year.

Licensed irrigation companies are fully versed in all safety protocols, guaranteeing that the maintenance of your system is safe for you, your family, or your property in Hazel Dell, WA. They meticulously take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging underground utilities during repairs, a critical aspect for any landscaping project.

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Our workmanship is evident in the meticulous attention to detail we bring to every task. From the initial assessment to the final implementation, every step is executed with precision. We understand that an irrigation system is a long-term investment.

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Frequently asked questions

Uneven lawn appearance – A lawn shifting from lush green to parched brown indicates improper watering. This might be due to insufficient watering, watering at a time prone to evaporation, or a misconfigured irrigation system. Essentially, this issue arises from landscaping activities that lead to dry soil around the root zone of the grass. What’s often overlooked is that lawn replacement can become an expensive endeavor in Hazel Dell, WA.

Surging water bills – An unusually high water bill should prompt an inspection for leaks in your irrigation system. A leak not only inflates your water bill but also indicates water being continuously wasted, making it simpler for an irrigation technician to detect. Leaks in irrigation systems are typically caused by failing components, which leave debris that eventually blocks the pipe, leading to more significant issues.

Erratic sprinkler heads – Sprinkler heads that “cough” or sputter are a frequent issue in irrigation systems. This can be troublesome for homeowners and, in some cases, damages nearby plants. Farmers in Hazel Dell would find such a system detrimental, as it could jeopardize their seasonal crops.

Property inspection – A professional in Hazel Dell will thoroughly inspect your irrigation system installation and provide an assessment. The goal is to identify any components needing repair. However, it’s also crucial for you to familiarize yourself with the system. This understanding helps in recognizing potential issues and their implications.

Repair service – Our team offers comprehensive sprinkler repair services in the Hazel Dell area. Our experts are adept at resolving a wide range of issues related to watering equipment functionality. From diagnosis to final repairs, they’re trained to handle every step. Our extensive inventory of parts ensures we’re prepared for even the most challenging repairs.

Routine maintenance – Sprinkler systems may vary, but performing a few basic tasks regularly ensures optimal operation. Inspect your irrigation valves each season for proper functionality. It’s advisable to replace any malfunctioning sprinkler heads and ensure all replaced components match the existing system. Additionally, consider scheduling annual professional inspections.

Winter blow out – Winterizing your sprinkler system is vital for protecting it against freezing temperatures in Hazel Dell, WA. Frozen systems risk damage due to plastic part expansion, leading to inefficient water distribution. The best practice is to drain the system using an air compressor, thereby preventing expensive repairs in spring.

Spring start-up – This process involves reactivating the water supply post-winter and preparing the system for the growing season. Even if you’re experienced, successful spring preparation hinges on careful planning.

Backflow testing – A backflow check is a crucial safety measure, preventing non-potable water from contaminating your clean water supply. This is especially important to avoid contamination from pesticides in Hazel Dell. Professional backflow testing can identify any cross-contamination issues, whether due to installation errors or system malfunctions.