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Sprinkler System Maintenance in Vancouver, WA

Lack of Maintenance Issues

Patchy Lawn – Running water through the irrigation system every day is not enough. Your grass needs at least an inch of water per week, maybe two or more depending on the temperature and rainfall. Revisit your sprinkler zones to ensure that there are no dry spots. Also, adjust any pop-up sprinklers that are not watering correctly. It is important to properly maintain an irrigation system. That is the only way to create the right amount of moisture for a lawn.

High Water Bill – Water leaks are an inherent part of irrigation systems. Most of the time, they happen slowly and go unnoticed. The system keeps watering your lawn or garden, so you do not take notice. Every drop lost might seem like just a little bit, but just think about how much water it would take to cause problems in your yard. Check for spikes in your water bill to detect these irrigation system leaks.

Sputtering Heads – Sprinkler heads have a finite life. After years of being subjected to climate changes, debris and constant irrigation water flow under the pressure provided by the system, they tend to rust and wear out. Sprinkler head failures can completely devastate your lawn or garden, flooding one section while letting the rest go dry. If a sprinkler nozzle is malfunctioning, the spray pattern and irrigation coverage will be unusual.

Irrigation System Upkeep

01. Assessment – If you want to know the condition of your lawn watering system, an irrigation inspection can help you evaluate your device in a standard manner. Our team of professionals can provide a thorough examination of the irrigation equipment. By pausing to investigate each component, we can determine if your unit is functioning at its maximum performance. Irrigation systems should be inspected on a yearly basis and, if necessary, optimized.

02. Tune-Up – A sprinkler tune-up is a proactive maintenance solution for all irrigation devices. With a team of highly trained technicians and the latest tools, this plan is created to help improve the operation of all essential components within your existing irrigation unit. A tune-up checks and adjusts any moving parts or features of the sprinkler system, such as the nozzles, valves, sensors, timer and pipes.

03. Repairs – In most cases, our technicians will be able to detect your problem right away. After that, they will complete the irrigation system repair. In other cases, multiple leaks or special parts may require further work. Regardless of the situation, we will make every effort to finish the project within a reasonable time frame and restore you irrigation equipment.

Winterization and Spring Activation

Winterization – If your system is not running but still has a supply of water from the current year, drain that water from the unit before shutting it down. Winterizing your irrigation device is a must for every property owner who lives in an area that experiences cold weather during the winter. Even if you do not live in an area that gets continuous snowfall, below freezing temperatures may still affect your lawn watering system.

Spring Start-up – All automatic sprinkler systems intended for year-round use require an annual spring start-up. This preventive maintenance procedure should be conducted by an irrigation professional to ensure that the components are not damaged from being inactive during the off season, and it should be performed as early as possible during the spring.

Backflow Testing – A backflow check is a safety device installed at the outlet of an irrigation system. When attached to a potable water supply line, it prevents contaminants from being discharged into that water source. Backflow checks are utilized during irrigation to prevent harmful chemical and bacteria contamination. Because it is easy to install, the backflow check has saved countless numbers of lives and it should be inspected every year.

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