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Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy Lawn – When a lawn goes from a lush green condition to a parched brown state, it is a symptom of being watered incorrectly. It might be because you are not watering enough, the time of day you are watering is prone to evaporation, or the irrigation system maintenance is not configured properly. In essence, it is caused by landscaping activity that results in dry soil around the root zone of the grass. You may not realize it, but lawn replacement can turn into an expensive task.

High Water Bill – If your water bill is too high, you need to check for leaks in your irrigation system. A leak will cause your water bill to increase because water is being repeatedly wasted from the same area, making it easier for an irrigation technician to detect. Leaks within irrigation systems are most commonly caused by component failure. Often, this leaves foreign matter behind that can no longer be inspected properly without tearing up the line. Foreign matter builds up over time, obstructing the pipe and eventually causing an even bigger problem.

Sputtering Heads – “Coughing” sprinkler heads are one of the most common problems that occur with irrigation systems. They can be annoying for home owners and, in landscaping situations, can damage nearby shrubbery or even landscaped areas. Farmers certainly would not wish to have a sputtering sprinkler system because it can harm the seasonal crop.

Irrigation Repair in Hazel Dell, WA

01. Assessment – An irrigation professional will conduct an inspection of your outdoor irrigation system and give you an assessment. The idea is to determine whether there are any parts of the system that require repair. Nonetheless, it is important for you to get familiar with the irrigation system so that if something does appear to be wrong, you will be able to understand the potential consequences.

02. Repair – We offer one of the most extensive services for sprinkler repair within the area. Our expert irrigation specialists are capable of handling all kinds of issues pertaining to the functionality of a watering equipment. They are trained to perform all aspects of the job, from initial diagnosis through final repairs. We also have an extensive inventory of parts to keep us going through even the toughest situations.

03. Maintenance – Although a sprinkler system can vary from one house to the next, a few simple tasks will keep your watering device in good condition. Once every season or two, check your irrigation valves for proper operation and alignment. If possible, replace faulty sprinkler heads and drip irrigation emitters. Also, make sure all components are replaced with the same type of parts. When necessary, schedule annual inspections with a professional.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Blow Out – Sprinkler winterization in Vancouver, WA is a process of safeguarding or protecting your irrigation system from cold temperatures. Freezing irrigation systems are susceptible to breakage due to expansion and contraction of their metal parts. This can cause leaking, clogging, reduced distribution of water, and shock hazards. The best thing to do is to drain the water from your irrigation system with an air compressor to avoid costly repairs during the spring.

Spring Start-up – The sprinkler start-up is a procedure that involves turning the water supply back on at the end of winter and preparing irrigation systems for use when the ground begins to thaw in the spring. Whether this is your first spring start-up or you are a seasoned expert at this procedure, proper planning should be the key to a successful growing season.

Backflow Testing – The backflow check is a safety device installed at the outlet of an irrigation system. This valve prevents non-potable liquids from entering the potable water supply. It will protect you against contamination from the use of fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, or other hazardous materials that could result in poisoning. If cross contamination does occur either by installation mistakes or because of a malfunction, it can be detected with a professional backflow testing service.

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