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Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy Lawn – A parched lawn is a sign that something is wrong, but the cause is not usually what you think. Patchy spots are mostly caused by watering too much in some areas, and not enough in others. The remedy for this problem is to adjust the sprinkler system so it applies the same amount of water to each section of the lawn. You must irrigate the grass with at least an inch of water per week over an entire growing season.

High Water Bill – The biggest problem with irrigation in Vancouver, WA are leaks that are caused by either worn parts or bad installations. Leaks are very hard to find because they happen below ground level. More often than not, these leaks are found by an irregular spike in your water bill. If you have a sprinkler system, it is advisable to check regularly for any irregularities in your water bills and call an irrigation technician in case you observe any spikes in your account.

Sputtering Heads – One of the most common issues with irrigation systems are “sputtering” sprinklers. These are sprinkler heads that are not distributing water properly. Sputtering sprinklers are likely clogging or failing too often. If there is dirt in the system pipes, they will fix themselves over time. If they are sputtering when there is no debris in the system, there is something wrong with the controller and they will need to be repaired. Whether it is a clogged line or a misfiring controller, you cannot solve such problems by replacing some parts. In many cases, they will require some sort of disassembly.

Irrigation Repair in Orchards, WA

01. Assessment – When it comes time to arrange sprinkler system repair or replacement, do not try to tackle it yourself. It is not always easy for the homeowner to tell when the system needs fixing. Your water system is a complicated setup, you need it in good shape if you want to protect your landscaping and avoid wasting water. A qualified irrigation professional can inspect your device to find out whether it needs repair.

02. Repair – We thoroughly test the circuits, rotating heads and distribution lines, while also looking for signs of malfunctioning valves, broken sprinklers and damaged pipes. Our technicians will then repair or replace the faulty parts of the system while documenting all the work on a service report. If more costs are incurred, we might communicate ahead of time with a signed work authorization form from you before continuing.

03. Maintenance – Watering devices must be maintained to ensure they are ready for seasonal or emergency use. That is why we are here to help you with preventative irrigation system maintenance. Our crew can provide one-time service or sign you up for an annual plan that keeps your equipment in tip-top shape.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – If you refuse to hire a professional for this job, you should be aware of the risks of not properly winterizing your irrigation system. Some parts can freeze and shatter during winter months if they are not properly insulated. The damaged equipment will require repairs during the spring. Although the annual cost of winterizing an irrigation system may seem to be high, the benefits are obvious. You save yourself from a huge cost by preventing expensive repairs.

Spring Start-up – The sprinkler start-up is the second of three procedures you will need to perform each year. It is usually done in the early spring, before there is any vegetation to water. During the start-up phase, supply water needs to be provided through the system. This enables the closed air passages to open, and allows air to escape from the equipment.

Backflow Testing – This is an important procedure conducted to ensure that contaminated irrigation water does not flow back into the potable water supply of your property. You can protect your family’s health and prevent the contamination of your water by using an irrigation contractor that adheres to local backflow prevention standards.

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