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Salmon Creek Sprinkler Repair

Common Signs of Faulty Sprinklers

Patchy Lawn – When you water the grass, the water that hits the ground stays there for a while. So, it is not surprising that if you are supplying sufficient water on some areas, but not enough to keep the entire sod nice and wet all the time, you will get uneven results. Some lawn spots will be dry and brown, and others will be moist and green. A sprinkler that operates correctly can easily deliver the necessary irrigation to each lawn area.

High Water Bill – These systems are made up of pipes, valves and sprinkler heads that move the water to all parts of your yard. Irrigation systems can malfunction in several ways due to wear and tear or breakages. If some of your sprinklers have been operating at odd times or have been spraying water when they should not have been, this could be an indication that there is a leak in the system somewhere. This may also prompt you to wonder why your water bill seems to climb regularly.

Sputtering Heads – Modern irrigation systems are designed to distribute water with extreme accuracy. They often use fairly sophisticated sprinkler heads to get the job done. However, the most common problem with these kind of sprinklers is that they “sputter”. That means they give too much or too little water at times. If your sprinklers are sputtering, the issue is probably the pressure in your irrigation system. You can test this by placing a thumb over one of your sprinkler heads.

Irrigation Repair in Salmon Creek, WA

01. Assessment – If your sprinkler system is not providing an optimal level of watering, have recently noticed pipe leaks, or been experiencing other problems with your equipment, it may be time to have a professional irrigation assessment. An expert will walk through your property, identify areas which are not being watered correctly, inspect essential components of the system and give recommendations for improving the situation.

02. Repair – We work in conjunction with our clients to provide cost-effective, long-term solutions for irrigation system malfunctions. Our technicians are skilled in troubleshooting all types of irrigation equipment problems, including faulty sprinkler heads, valve leaks, broken pipes, loose connectors and control misconfigurations. They employ all necessary techniques to make sure your system is running in optimum condition.

03. Maintenance – When it comes to weekly tasks, your sprinkler system upgrade should be at the top of the list. It is best to get maintenance tasks like these out of the way early, before the need arises. Harsh temperature changes, buildup of debris and other conditions can take a toll on any watering system and affect its performance. The better job you do, the more likely that your system will be working when you need it. Not only that, but regular upkeep will prevent costly repairs.

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Winterization – Once the cold temperatures start hitting, it is time to winterize your irrigation system. Winterizing your watering equipment does not refer to storing it away during the cold winter months. It refers to the process of keeping the device from freezing and bursting when temperatures go below zero. Winterization is a systematic procedure done by irrigation contractors. It involves draining all standing water from the major components of the system.

Spring Start-up – All sprinkler systems require an annual spring start-up. This procedure should be done by an expert or by following instructions carefully because it involves manipulating the water pressure. Simply locate the main valve of your sprinkler system. Turn it clockwise until you hear water flowing through the irrigation lines. Make sure that there are no leaks by conducting a pressure test on the equipment. Lastly, check each sprinkler head before watering the lawn.

Backflow Testing – Irrigation systems are more prone to contamination than other kinds of water systems. Reasons for this include bacteria found on neglected landscapes and over application of lawn chemicals. As such, proper backflow testing is important. It ensures that the pipe network is capable of keeping contaminated water out of the potable water supply.

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